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Tuffy's Tips

Tuffy's Tips

On Being a Better Leader

Every Friday, Tuffy fields a question that benefits from his worldly wisdom as #TheMostInterestingRhinoInTheWorld.

This week’s question is: “Hey Tuffy, I was just promoted into a leadership position at work, but I don’t have any experience as one. Would you mind sharing some tips on how to be a better leader?”

Tuffy’s answer: “My friend, first of all, congratulations on the promotion! The fact that you’re reaching out at all bodes well for you in your new role – two qualities many leaders cite as important to them are humility and curiosity. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many great leaders throughout my life, and each time, I’ve taken the chance to learn a bit more about leadership from them. Over the years, I’ve synthesized the lessons I’ve learned into the following eight leadership mantras:
1. Lead by example
2. Humility is seen as a strength, not a weakness
3. Effective communication is critical for good leadership
4. Understand and acknowledge your limitations and ask for help when necessary
5. Be a mentor and find a mentor
6. Emotions matter – develop emotional intelligence
7. Continually learn and don’t repeat the mistakes of the past
8. Put yourself in the other people’s shoes

These are merely starting points on a journey to great leadership, but I’ve discovered that they encompass almost the entire spectrum of effective leadership. I wish you the best, my friend, and look forward to seeing your leadership journey unfold.”


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TUFFY the Rhino is more than just the Armstrong Tire mascot. On the surface, TUFFY appears to be a tough, hardened character, and arguably there is “none tougher.” In fact, he’s really a softie at heart, charming folks wherever he goes – a gentleman, for sure, but one who would equally be at home blazing frontiers as he would be dancing the waltz at a grand soirée. Often referred to as “The most interesting rhino in the world,” TUFFY has traveled the world and made many appearances representing Armstrong Tire, from advertisements co-starring stars like Lucille Ball to being featured on many eBay listings. However, he remains a simple, Midwestern rhino at heart, one that’s rooted in empathy, humility, and family values.