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Tuffy's Tips

Tuffy's Tips

On Animal Slang In Trucking (Part 2)

Every Friday, Tuffy fields a question that benefits from his worldly wisdom as #TheMostInterestingRhinoInTheWorld.

This week’s question is: “Hey Tuffy, I know you recently spent some time on the road in a semi truck. Can you tell us what slang words you learned?”

Tuffy’s answer: “Hey, my man! I shared a bunch of ’em a couple of weeks ago, but I thought you’d like to hear some more, since there are so many fun ones. Here they are:

• Back door – behind you. For example, “There’s a rooster cruiser at your back door” = There’s a fancy rig behind you

• Bear in the air – A law enforcement aircraft, usually a helicopter, which monitors traffic and speeds below

• Big road – the Interstate

• Bobtail – when you drive the tractor only, without the trailer attached

• Cash register – a tollbooth

• Double nickel – 55mph

• Driving award – a speeding ticket

• Dragon wagon – a tow truck

• Evil Knievel – a law enforcement officer on a motorcycle

• Greasy side up – a vehicle that’s flipped over

• Hammer down – Flooring it, going fast

• Lollipop – reflector poles or markers on the side of the highway

• Motion lotion – diesel fuel

• Spy in the sky – see “Bear in the air”

• Wiggle wagons – double or triple trailers”


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