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Tuffy's Tips

TUFFY the Rhino shares his worldy wisdom in a series of tips

Tuffy's Tips

On Travel and Comfort Zones

Every Friday, Tuffy fields a question that benefits from his worldly wisdom as #TheMostInterestingRhinoInTheWorld. This week’s question is: “Hey Tuffy, I like traveling to new places, but my best friend doesn’t. How can I convince him that he should go with me? Tuffy’s answer: “This is a question that’s right up my alley, because I’ve…

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About Tuffy

TUFFY the Rhino is more than just the Armstrong Tire mascot. On the surface, TUFFY appears to be a tough, hardened character, and arguably there is “none tougher.” In fact, he’s really a softie at heart, charming folks wherever he goes – a gentleman, for sure, but one who would equally be at home blazing frontiers as he would be dancing the waltz at a grand soirée. Often referred to as “The most interesting rhino in the world,” TUFFY has traveled the world and made many appearances representing Armstrong Tire, from advertisements co-starring stars like Lucille Ball to being featured on many eBay listings. However, he remains a simple, Midwestern rhino at heart, one that’s rooted in empathy, humility, and family values.