Tuff 360 Warranty

Our promise to you

At Armstrong, we value craftsmanship and precision. Our tires aren’t just black and round. We used our century’s worth of experiences combined with the latest technology in the industry to create the best tire we could today. All Armstrong tires are covered by our TUFF 360 warranty – the most comprehensive warranty in the industry inspired by our mascot, TUFFY the Rhino. TUFFY is tough, savvy, and resilient - he doesn’t shy away from the potholes of the world, and neither should you.


The Armstrong Tire Timeline
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In 1912, a tire dealer in New Jersey by the name of George Armstrong decided to enter the automobiles industry as a tube and pneumatic tire manufacturer. In the loft of a building in Garfield, NJ, the Armstrong Rubber Company was born, marking the start of an iconic American brand that would revolutionize tire manufacturing.

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By 1922, Armstrong had operations spanning across the entire map of the United States. After outgrowing its current space, the company bought a small defunct tire manufacturing concern in West Haven, Connecticut. By 1981, Armstrong was the sixth-largest tire maker in the country.

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The people of Armstrong learned early that creativity and R&D were a fundamental fabric of their culture. Amongst Armstrong’s many innovations was the first bias-belted fiberglass tire, along with the development of “cold rubber.”

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The sleeping giant has awakened. Today, newly reengineered, the Armstrong brand is poised once more for international recognition. With a brand new manufacturing facility that integrates state-of-the-art technology and seamless practices, the next generation of Armstrong tires have been constructed with precision and craftsmanship, staying true to their legacy.

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With our North American headquarters in Miami, Florida, our long-term vision is to establish our footsteps across all segments of the market with a comprehensive portfolio ranging from commercial to passenger, including ultra-high performance, sports-utility vehicle, and light truck.

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Ride With The Rhino

The rhino is riding forward with twice the fury, shaking up the landscape by offering a premium, value-driven alternative from a beloved American icon. In the words of James A. Walsh, “We know where we’re headed. We have a blueprint for a bold strategic plan that calls for targeting markets that hold the greatest promise…and for continuing to build on the progress Armstrong has made in the past.”